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The Step By Step Guide To  Publishing a Best Selling Book to Get More Clients and Grow Your Business
“From the NBA to the business world, I’ve been coached by the best in the world. Cris Cawley is the coaches coach. Her knowledge and focus on results attracts clients who want to operate on a High level, some even producing 7-8 figures a month. If you want your business to soar there’s only one choice. Cris Cawley is 100% the best there is in the business!"
Joe Courtney-Celebrity Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | NBA Player
“Like many people, I often started drafting what I hoped would one day become a book only to leave it for another day. Working with Cris and her team at Game Changer, I was able to plan out the process and get it done. There is a lot involved and Cris walks you through each step. If you have the content, Game Changer has the process and execution to make your book happen. I am very happy  I chose to work with Game Changer!"
John M. Torrens-Best Selling Author|Entrepreneur | Professor, Syracuse University 
“Cris Cawley is AMAZING! If you're ready to take your business and life to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with Cris! Not only does she share high-value content, but she has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes peoples lives! And, the best thing is that Cris comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others! Do yourself a favor and work with Cris today! You'll be so grateful you did!"
James Malinchak-Leading Keynote Speaker | Business Coach | ABC's Secret Millionaire 
“Cris Cawley is the REAL DEAL! Cris brings so much knowledge, successful experience and energy to her clients, she wrote the book on "over delivery". If you get a chance to work with Cris - you should.” 
Don Williams-Master Sales Coach | Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | Investor | Best Selling Author
“Cris has the compassion, the sincerity, the drive and the patience necessary in helping her clients travel the success road. My experience with her since our paths crossed has been nothing short of incredible. She's worth her weight in gold and doesn't just meet expectations but exceeds expectations. If you could fill your roster and/or your circle full of Cris Cawleys it would be the most positive, miracle breeding, productive line of work you could find in your lane. Having never met her or had a conversation prior to her helping me produce a best seller, I now consider her a friend, a mentor and a travel partner on my journey to achieving my best self. She's a keeper and a no brainer if you are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her."
Brad Dalton-Coach | Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author
“Cris Cawley is one of the most transformational coaches I’ve encountered in all of my years in business, when it comes to actually producing results and a measurable outcome for your business. If you’re creating a new coaching program or trying to get more high ticket clients and scale your current program, Cris is the best, no question.” 
Afif Ghannoum-CEO, BIOHM Health | Forbes Contributor
“Cris Cawley delivered the missing links I needed to take my business from a gal on a mission to become recognized as an influencer. In the process of working with her, she showed me numerous systems and strategies of the top marketers of all time and this grew my confidence to scale 10X. I have a greater understanding of branding and imaging and my online presence now reflects that. She gave me the exact blueprint to put structure in place so that if a thousand clients descended upon me today, my systems are in place and I have the confidence to service them all. I have different price points and offers, podcasts, YouTube, Funnels, products, books, and all the follow up necessary to have a professional process and a real business. Already offers to speak, get awards, and collaborative inquiries are pouring in. Cris changed my life and was worth every penny.” 
Gianna Miceli-Speaker | Best Selling Author | Podcaster

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