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Cris Cawley

On a MissionTo Help  Entrepreneurs Gain More Impact, Income & Influence

After 20+ years in the business, my priorities have shifted and I've built multiple incredible businesses around my lifestyle, and I am able to enjoy the location independence and time freedom that being an entrepreneur offers. I've taught thousands of others along the way and serving other successful entrepreneurs is what I love and what keeps me in the game! Our global mission is to help 500,000 driven entrepreneurs and authors gain more impact, influence & income in their business over the next 5 years! Join me and lets change the world together!


Giving back is a key part of Cris's life.
Her company mission statement is "Have Fun, Make Money & Do Good."
Cris gives back a percentage of her profits to charities close to her heart, especially those involving children. She has touched the lives of thousands through her courses and coaching programs, and strives daily to impact the world in a positive way and make a difference while serving others.
Cris is passionate about helping those less fortunate than her and wants to use her financial resources and worldwide influence to spread positive change in the world.
Are you ready to have fun, make more money & give back to the world?
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Cris Cawley is an award-winning coach, CEO of Game Changer Publishing & serial entrepreneur. She began her career in 1998 and has impacted over 155,000 entrepreneurs through her book publishing, coaching and mastermind programs.  

Her best selling programs help clients leverage their expertise and passion into profits through high ticket programs & book publishing. She's been featured on many stages alongside some of the country's most sought-after speakers and thought leaders and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs make a positive impact on the world and “figure out” and profit from the online marketing & high ticket coaching maze.


Cris is happily married with three daughters and resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Her family is her why and she strives daily to be a positive example to her daughters and teach them about what it means to be a thriving entrepreneur while leaving a legacy & making an impact!

She enjoys sharing the joy and benefits of being an entrepreneur with her kiddos in hopes that they have an appreciation for the financial freedom, location independence and time freedom that entrepreneurship offers. 

Cris enjoys traveling with her family to sunny locations, attending her daughter's activities, and relaxing at home with her family. Every day is a new adventure and opportunity to accomplish something amazing!


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