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Are You Ready For Growth & Your Best Year Yet In Business? 


Group Coaching

An intensive group experience for entrepreneurs who want to build profitable, sustainable businesses that have tremendous impact and change lives. Whether you are an experienced coach, consultant, marketer, speaker or author or a total newbie to the digital space, our coaching program is the fast track to results. Work with Cris and her team to create, market and scale your own high ticket coaching program or digital course.

Coaching includes weekly group coaching calls, step by step instruction & done for you marketing/lead generation funnels, so you can take the guesswork out of the process, start getting more clients and truly start scaling your business through marketing processes that ACTUALLY WORK. This program is best for entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least 1-2 years and are ready to go ALL IN on getting results and taking their business to a whole new level. If you want Cris to show you the EXACT path to get from where you are to true legacy and lasting impact that doesn't burn you out, steal your time or eat up your joy, then click below.
Starting at $12,000 USD Year/$1,000 Month

One on One Consulting

We help clients looking to get more clients and grow their business by assisting them in the development of an overarching business and marketing strategy. We do this by helping them identify and bring clarity to their core offerings, draft the messaging for how we will convey their value to the rest of the world, and then assist in identifying the proper target audience. When all of these three things are aligned, that is where the magic happens. We create the funnels and then create and launch the marketing to generate consistent leads to your new offer, so that you can generate more revenues and grow your client base.

* One-on-one consulting available on a limited basis 
Starting at $25,000 USD

Book Publishing

Our signature book publishing programs are for business owners who are ready to take their business to a new level and have more impact, make more income and create more influence online around their brand. Our 60-90 day publishing programs are designed to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and experts publish a best selling book without ever writing a single word, even if you have zero experience and no time to "write" and a book.  Looking for more speaking engagements? Ted Talks? Podcast guest spots? Virtual or Live Event Invitations? More Credibility? More authority in your space? Through this 60-90 day done with you process, your business will skyrocket to a whole new level! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, make BIG things happen in your business and take the necessary steps you need to take to get from where you are to where you have been dreaming about getting to in your business! Will you be our next best selling author?
Starting at $10,000 USD


Looking to scale your business to the next level? This is our most elite program and Cris's inner circle group and private community of high level 6-9 figure Entrepreneurs.

Annual Mastermind Membership includes direct 1:1 access to Cris Cawley for 12 months via Monthly Coaching and Accountability Calls, Monthly Q & A Calls, and an in-person Private VIP luxury on-location mastermind in a tropical location once per year where you are flown to an exclusive location for an all inclusive experience where we will create a customized action plan to help you achieve your goals for the year to scale your business quickly. Admission to this exclusive group is by invitation & application only. Click the Apply button below to schedule a call to learn more.
Starting at $25,000 USD  
"In life I believe there are no accidents and from the beginning of my first discussion with Cris Cawley and Game Changer Publishing my experience has been great, beyond what I expected, from the beginning she and her team have helped me and supported me through the process of launching my book “Only Business Credit” and the marketing to bring what I expect to be something very encouraging and supportive to entrepreneurs and people wanting to start a business and have that business grow with the most important factor which is funding. Cris Cawley and Game Changer Publishing I would highly recommend, they have over delivered on the total process. I have nothing but high praise and I greatly appreciate all the support and effort they have put into this project."
Fred Hughey, Author, Speaker, Consultant
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